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Freefly MoVI M10 Direct Drive Brushless Gimbal

October 22, 2013

It took a while to get these photos up as the gimbal itself underwent some modification. Currently hush hush, but these are the photos after unpacking in the workshop. Initial testing and reaction is good. The finish on the unit is great. In the multirotor world it will fit right in. Still some bits that the handheld crowd might find a bit unusual. Especially the use of 3S Li-Po packs. But this can be easily converted to run on a more industry standard power source. Along with fitting XLR connectors etc


So, as described it stabilizes straight out of the box, and at $15,000, it is to be expected. The inclusion of Bluetooth and GPS goes someway to reassuring you about where all the money was spent. The sliding camera tray and quick release adjustment points to raise and lower the tray are a welcome addition over the previous generation of this gimbal. Its nice to see they stuck with the 25mm carbon tube and mounting blocks. This allows greater freedom of the end user to mount items as they wish.


The new roll mount is also very nice, a solid bit of CNC work, which just oozes expense. In more practical terms, it gives the camera tray support arms a more rigid feel, and removes the need for micro adjusting the angle. The M10 is a bit on the small side, so some longer setups wont fit as standard, but that’s where some handy modifications can allow it to take even the long F55 and Epic with all the extras attached. Cant currently show the images, but it was successfully extended by some 30% in height and length for mounting the larger cameras and the stabilization remained the same.


This current MoVI is due out on a HALO 8 at the end of this month. So some more photos of it in the air and with a camera mounted will follow shortly once the build is complete and the aircraft is out on set.

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